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Feeder Bowls

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Satisfaction and quality are the ultimate goals at Universal Feeder, Inc. Experience, product control, and modern equipment are the basic ingredients needed to attain the high standards required by all industries. During our many years of operation, we have strived for a solid and proud reputation in the feeder industry. Care and a special personal touch go into every vibratory feeder bowl made at our plant. We are proud of our craftsmanship and our facilities. A Universal Feeder parts orienter will give you the quality, reliability and satisfaction you need for your feeding problems.

The Basic Bowl

All basic bowls are stainless steel (300 series) and straight wall. The basic features of this type of bowl are:

  •     Durability of the materials
  •     Heli-arc welded construction
  •     Ease of tooling and rebuilding if necessary
  •     Non-magnetic
  •     Non-corrosive
  •     Greater overall bowl strength

Bowl Tooling

Vibratory feeder bowls are designed to reduce handling, increase productivity, improve quality and lower cost. In the quoting process, each part is analyzed for its suitability to feeding, feed rate requirements, desired orientation, and the size of the unit to be used to accommodate the preceding factors. Upon receipt of an order, a basic plan for tooling the bowl is determined, keeping in mind orientation and feed rate. Years of experience and dedication to detail are two key factors in the tooling process. Perceptive bench personnel, along with careful supervision, will bring the tooling process to a successful conclusion.


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