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Drum Locks

Drum Locks

Secures around the "lip"

Safe • Secure • Quick Installation

No contact with chemicals Metal Construction • Non Sparking Fits most styles of 55 gallon metal and plastic drums.
Uses: Transportation, internal storage and security, recycling, and environmental protection. Patent Pending. Specialized tags and security pins available.

In 2006 Universal Group created a drum lock that provides security for 55 gallon plastic and metal drums.
The product is easy to use die cast system that never touches the chemicals in the drum and takes only seconds to install.
In 2009 the company presented this product at the Innovative Illinois statewide competition, and the product won second place.

To Order Contact
Just Rite Manufacturing - Master Marketer
800-798-9250 or eMail: sales@justritemfg.com

For Technical Question Contact Universal Die Cast
Phone:  800-479-7676    Fax: 815-633-6338

The Plastic and Metal Drum Locks have the following features:

  • Zinc Die Cast Material – melting point 788 degrees

  • Durable, environmentally safe plating

  • Does not rust in moisture conditions

  • Safe around food products

  • No Special tools needed to install

  • Installs in seconds

  • Fits around the ‘lip’ of the drum openings

  • No risk of cross-threading during installation

  • Original factory drum plug does not have to be removed to install

  • Special tag hold can be used for inventory control or tracking

  • Cross-locking pins are interchangeable

  • Can be reused – not a throwaway

  • Made in USA

  • No need to open contents to the environment

  • Prevents ‘cocktailing’ of contents

  • Reduces threat of employee theft or sabotage

  • Homeland Security Product

  • Future EPA, OSHA and USDA implications for product safety

  • 9/32” diameter deadlock or 5/16” clevis pin with tamper evident tag can be used for lockout

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